Product of the Month: Nutmeg & Pepper Jam of the Month Club

19 Oct

Featuring our Product of the Month: Jam of the Month

Rosella Plum Jam - Novembers Flavour

Ever wanted locally crafted Jam delivered to your door with a new flavour each month?

Then Nutmeg and Pepper Jam of the Month is what you want to subscribe to.

Choose from 2 sizes and 2 different packages 

Delivered anywhere in Australia...\

NOVEMBER - The Chefs at Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have been going hard at it with Stone Fruit fast coming into season they have created a delightful blend of Bush Rosella and Organic Plums with a hint of Red Wine....

Or order the Jam online from Nutmeg and Pepper or Eco NatPro as an individual item with regular changing flavours.

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